Sunday, May 2, 2010

My favorite time with Everett

is at about 1:30 p.m. I usually put Carson down for his nap first, and then let Everett rule the roost for about 20 minutes. His favorite activity is diving in the pillows and rolling around on the couch. I just love snuggling this little thing so much.


Also. I have to include my favorite moment with Everett today. I was standing up in the back of a church classroom with him. It was the end of our 3-hour block at church, and he was getting tired. However, when he realized that right in front of him were sitting 5 lovely ladies, all with beautifully done hair, he just could not resist. He started whacking each lady on the head and yelling, "DUH!" with each whack. It may have seemed like a strange outburst to everyone else, but it made perfect sense to me since I know the games we play at home. He was just trying to get everyone to play Duck, Duck, Goose!! Next time you see Everett, bend down so he can reach your head and tell him you want to play. You will surely get a "DUH!" and a nice whack from this sweet boy.

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Callie said...

He is such a cute little thing...and growing so fast!

You should post more pictures from your trip!