Sunday, May 9, 2010

Race for the Cure 2010.

We raced for Jeanel again, of course, which will always be a family tradition of ours.

Unfortunately this race was done without Rick. According to Carson, his daddy was over at the hospital healing all the sick children there. Perhaps someday that will be a little closer to the truth. (Although for the record, he isn't falling in love with Pediatrics.)

Also unfortunately, my boys decided they'd had enough of the stroller before the race even began. The loud noises at the start of the race led them to both burst into tears, and away we went, screaming and crying. They settled down for most of the race, but I was a little sad I couldn't run my heart out. I got tired of yelling "excuse me" so people would make way for our double wide stroller.

So, after a bit of a lonely time, and a long walk to the car that took twice as long as the actual race, we finally made it home. But we were glad we could do it for Jeanel.

(Rick did do his part by wearing pink the day of the race.)


jeanel said...

Thanks for supporting me and the cure! I appreciate you wanting to run your heart out, because that is what it takes to win. I also like Rick's shirt. Bruce isn't that secure : )! We had a group of 40 this year in the SLC race. What a wonderful experience!! Here's to many more!! I'm hoping to run next year!
love ya,

Melissa S. said...

That's the difference between you and EVERYONE ELSE. No one else would be running fast enough in a double stroller to have to YELL excuse me so they could pass! :)

sam and brittney said...

Page, I am soo impressed!