Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! Love, us.

The Otto family had a bright year in 2010!

Rick’s spirit was made bright as he started his third year of medical school. Rotations are much more fun than lectures! He is still very involved in intramural sports and the Youth and scouting programs in our church. He plays with and wrestles his two boys any spare minute he can find!
A bright spot of Page’s year was visiting and introducing Rick to her favorite place in the world:  Santiago, Chile. Page still enjoys running in the mornings (even 8 months pregnant!), doing craft projects, grading Spanish tests, and mothering her boys.
Carson (just turned 3) is our bright preschooler. He lives for his home-school preschool activities once a week. Carson’s memory and understanding continue to amaze us, and he loves helping mommy cook, sew, clean, etc.
Everett (20 months) brightens up our days with his sweet smile. He is such a fun, snuggly little boy and is often the family’s entertainer. Now that our boys share a room, hearing his sweet little voice talking to his brother at night is just so cute.
We will welcome another bright little spirit into our family in January. I am not sure how I will fit three little ones on my lap, but we are so excited!
We know that it is Jesus Christ, our Savior, who can make each of our spirits bright this holiday season. We are so grateful for His miraculous birth, His momentous life, His noble death, and His continued influence in our personal lives.  We pray that we can all look to our Savior to find true and lasting happiness.
May your spirits always be bright!


sam and brittney said...

I love it!! The picture is beautiful!

E J said...

This is a great picture (you do not look one bit pregnant)!

Meg said...

Merry Christmas! I love this pic of your sweet family... can't wait to see family member #5 join soon!