Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pre-School, P & Q.

Etta taught our little students about the letter Q today. For one activity, they had to identify some Qualities of their family members. Carson understood a quality to be something that someone is good at, and these are his responses:

Dad: "My daddy is brave and sometimes at dinnertime he tells me about his patients."
Mom: "My mom is a hard worker; sometimes she gives me jobs."
Me: "I'm good at hugging and kissing Faye."
Brother: "He doesn't do anything good."
Sister: "She just drinks milk."

He is right on with most of those, but I wouldn't be so hard on poor Everett!

Our P pre-school that I did a couple of weeks ago was one of our favorites so far. The main theme was Pirates, and the kids enjoyed making hats and eye patches, and then completing a search for pirate treasure. (I love the picture of them studying the pirate map!) They had to find an envelope at each spot on the treasure map. The envelopes each contained a letter that they had to put together to spell "pirate." The treasure hunt concluded with Popcorn and lolly-Pops!


Jamie said...

EXCELLENT pirate faces going on.

alyssa said...

hi page! this is alyssa, idk if you remember me from goose creek ward, i was alyssa jones back then. i love reading your blog and your kids are SO cute and adorable! you're an awesome blogger :)