Monday, April 4, 2011

She's just lovely.

I have no complaints about this girl. A dark-haired, blue-eyed pretty baby who sleeps through the night at 6 weeks really is a dream come true. As Carson always says, "she's a lovely baby, isn't she?"

P.S. I have to apologize for posting such an unsightly potty picture earlier today. I will use the excuse that I got up at 5 with Rick to pack his lunch and see him off, and I was a little tired while deciding which pictures to post. So sorry, but this picture of Faye should make up for it!


Brian Hill said...

She sure is cute! Happy Birthday to Everett!

The Hills... said...

That was from me! :)

E J said...

I can't believe how blue her eyes are!

Salem said...

She looks SO different!!! And old! I thought for sure she looked just like Carson, but this pic makes her look like an Everett twin. Love the blue eyes, and is that a dimple?!

Brock and Kate said...

Ummm...she sleeps through the night? Share your tricks please!

Gloria Otto said...

No doubt about it, Faye Jeanel, is absolutely beautiful, and with "BLUE EYES", a happy smile and maybe dimples, how remarkable would that be.

The brothers, Carson and Everett, are very involved in keeping Faye, busy and learning something about everything.

Your love and enjoyment with motherhood could be contageous

Love Mom