Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random pictures, and I'm 28.

I'm so close to being done with Christmas preparations, I can taste it! (Literally... I am licking my fingers from an early morning in the kitchen making cute Christmas tree Rice Krispy treats for Carson's pre school class PLUS peppermint topped fudge. That stuff is good.) On the to-do list today are to finally address and mail those Christmas cards and finish up some home-made gifts.

A few things we've been up to...

Making gingerbread houses...

Having a few Christmas-y playdates.
This was a fun game: roll the dice to see which part you put on your snow man.

Our church's Christmas party.  Rick is singing with the boys.
I love this: note the sheep who are getting a little wild, and the shepherds putting them back in line. And then there's my Carson, being a good little sheep.
Yep, there he is.

BYU baby. Watch out: she walks!!
And jumps off of couches!

Lots of holiday baking. Everett is always up on that ladder with me.

One morning, as soon as we got back from taking Carson to pre-school, Everett wanted me to teach him how to take pictures with the camera. Here is his best shot.
And then he asked for some pictures to be taken of him! He wanted pictures of himself smiling,...
doing tricks, and...

The other day Carson was SO excited that I had forgotten to make my bed, because it meant he could do this!

All I wanted for my birthday this year was to go to the Golden Corral. It was only my second time ever going to one, but I love everything about that place. I love that everyone gets exactly what foods they want. (Carson: mostly mac and cheese, a little pizza. Everett: olives. A hamburger was the only other thing he said he would eat, so I grabbed a roll and a piece of meat and put one together for him. Faye: pieces of ham, cheese, grapes, etc. Rick: A lot of everything. Me: A huge salad with everything on it, and then little tiny tastes of most everything else.) And I love that my kids can be noisy and play under the table and no one cares. And I love the people-watching at this place! And I love that someone else cleans up all the food Faye throws off her high chair. See why I wanted to go there?!?!
AND I love that the meal includes dessert! Cotton candy!!
And now Faye even pulls her ponytails out. What are we going to do with this girl? I had a great birthday, and now I'm 28!


Barbaloot said...

Happy Birthday!! Golden Corral is a great place for that kind of celebration. That's about the only place my family can go when we have such a huge group gathered. Nowhere else can/will seat that many people:)

I love the picture at the top of your blog. Your family is so beautiful.

Melissa S. said...

GOLDEN CORRAL RULES!!!!!!!!! IT's definitely a family fav here. They did NOT have cotton candy when we went last time though. Arg. Did you chocolate fountain it up though?!?!?!!! I was laughing because I told Kim and Andrea that I was in heaven at Golden Corral w/ that fountain and Kim said, " I can't believe you just put Golden Corral and heaven in the same sentence!" ha ha ha. They have NO clue that it rocks!!! Happy Birthday!