Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We are a family of runners!

So I know some sisters of mine would deny it, but these photos prove that the Dicksons are total runners!!

My mom, little sister Mackenzie, Rick and I ran the Mistletoe half marathon, and Mackenzie's husband Beau ran the 5K. Pappy was on kid duty. My mom decided the week before to run it, and although we had to wait around for a bit, she finished strong! I hope I can do that when I'm her age!

Last year I ran this same race (the 5K) 8 months pregnant with Faye girl!

My friend Emily and I trained together for this race. We finished at 1:47, and although it's what we thought we would do I was quite disappointed since the only other half I have run was a 1:46. I was also a little disappointed that Rick majorly beat us (1:34) without much training. Emily and I are confident we can crush that time, though, and are ready to do some speed workouts!

We all ran out to run the last stretch with Grandmama.

We are totally a runner family!

The girls. We just need to convert Reagan and Ashley. :)

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reggstyl said...

Well I'll have you know that since going back to the gym I've run on the treadmill every time. And twice I ran a 10K on a treadmill (so what that it was two years ago). I just don't do races. The Rex Lee Run 5K was my one and only performance.