Sunday, February 12, 2012

bubbles, books, etc.

One night last week, the boys grabbed the baby soap while I was out of the bathroom and decided they needed a nice bubble bath.

They seriously had SO much fun playing in the bath for a long time. Maybe it's worth it to lose a whole container of baby soap if I really need them entertained in an enclosed space for an hour?

Carson really likes the Magic Treehouse series. He often listens to the books on CD during his quiet time. I told him if he keeps practicing reading, pretty soon he'll be able to read the Magic Treehouse books all by himself. Oh, turns out he can actually already do that. It is pretty cute to see your four-year-old immersed in a chapter book.

Rick gets the credit for a creative Sunday breakfast. Carson's is a CTR 4 for his Primary class at church, and Everett's is a Sunbeam, because he wishes he was in that class. Everett is off throwing a tantrum because he changed his mind and wanted oatmeal. Surprise, surprise.

Pappy and Grandmama just left from a weekend visit. They brought along Brooklee this time.

Can't get enough of "Don't Eat Pete!"

The big plan was for the boys to have a much-anticipated camping trip with Pappy in the backyard. It was too cold though, so we just roasted hot dogs and made s'mores for lunch instead.

Not pictured are the amazing thai chicken tacos that my mom made for dinner last night. We were going to get NC barbeque like we usually do when my parents are in town, but my frugal and creative mother whipped out her recipe magazines and got to work. I feel so inspired to make creative dinners instead of my usual boring rotation! I cannot get over how good they were. Here is the recipe.

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Melissa S. said...

Those cabbage tacos DO look good!!!!!! How nice to have someone else make them for you! ;)
And who WOULDN'T love Magic Tree house books? They are awesome and all my boys love them! I can totally see Carson liking them too.