Thursday, February 16, 2012


Everett's doggie valentines.
Carson's valentines. (He got a little creative with that one with seven legs.)
Faye's pigtails!
The boys at a playgroup Valentine party.
We didn't let her have any candy, but she was happy to wander around and bug everybody.

Especially babies. Faye doesn't talk much, but her best word is baby. She can even control her excitement now and doesn't bite or hit babies that much anymore, which is definitely good.

Everett doesn't care about a thing in the world when he's got some candy. (A candy bracelet here.)
Making Valentines with the kids sure makes the holiday fun, since Rick and I don't do a thing for each other! I'm glad we are both content with pink pancakes in the morning and an extra hug and a kiss when he gets home instead of a big date and gifts. He's a good husband.

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Page, what a brilliant article! It made me feel a lot better, so thank you for posting that!