Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lazy 5 Ranch, 2012

Birthday boy had been planning on going to the Lazy 5 Ranch for a long time. 
Just like last year, we went while the Holmes crew was in town. And just like last year, we failed at getting a nice group picture of all the grandkids. Here are just a few of the attempts.

Unlike last year, my boys were brave! A year ago they both clung to me, terrified the whole time in the wagon. This time Everett was even willing to feed some animals, and Carson at least enjoyed watching.

And this girl would have jumped right out of the wagon to hug the animals if I had let go.

I would put the food in Faye's hand, and when the animals would lick it off she would giggle. So cute!

And even I can handle feeding like this, where there is no actual touching of the animal involved!
The giraffe didn't want to come to us; oh well.
More attempts at groups photos.

Carson plays peek-a-boo with Truman. He really loves little babies. But once they reach Faye's age he says they're way too crazy.
The newly 3-year-old on the way home. So cute.

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