Monday, June 18, 2012


Back in Winston-Salem, one of our favorite things was dance class. My good friend Emily kindly taught a bunch of kids dance at the church, just for fun. When she first started teaching, Everett was just a baby and would occasionally copy the dancers. By the time we moved, he was a real participant. I'm sad Faye won't be joining in on the fun! 

Emily organized a dance recital in May, since many of us were about to move. I loved seeing my boys perform, even though Everett  got a little out of control sometimes. 
The dancers join hands in prayer before the recital. 

Go team!

Sadie, Carson, Abby wait for their turn to dance.
The "I love you" dance.
The Cinderella ballet dance. Lots of princesses, and my two princes. (This was actually only half the group of dancers.)

Notice Everett is yawning here.
The Lion King dance.

Luckily the partner part of this dance worked out. Usually Carson got frustrated with Everett  not doing it right, but things worked out the day of the recital.

All the cute dancers. As I was making these little heart shirts, Carson and Everett saw me ironing in pink hearts, and they both said they would refuse to wear pink. See, even if they do ballet, they are manly men who only wear blue hearts.
Miss Emily, Carson and Sadie.

The dances! I love when Everett gets a little crazy and Carson tries to correct him, especially in the last one.

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