Saturday, June 23, 2012

something recent: Sea World!

Still have a lot of catching up to do with the move and getting settled... but here is last weekend.

My best friends from both high school and college all live in Texas; isn't that funny? Jen and her family came down last weekend, and we all went to Sea World together. We're glad they give military families one free visit per year!

Nobody was brave enough to touch or feed the dolphins, but then again I didn't really want to touch them either.

Two bellies!

Faye surprised me by actually being interested in and paying attention to some of the shows.
During this show, the animals participated as actors. It was really funny.
Carson feels safer at any show if his ears are plugged. You just never know when a loud noise might sound.
The group except for Rick.
The kids, especially Everett and Faye, loved the Sesame Street Bay of Play. Should have brought swim suits, but they didn't care.

Happy boys on the carousel. They made Faye and me sit on the bench. 
The boys also went on their first roller coaster ever, this little Shamu ride. I sat with Everett, and Carson went on the trip before us to sit with Kate. As I watched him sitting there and the roller coaster took off, it totally broke my heart. I could tell he was scared and was not going to like the ride. I felt so awful for sending him by himself I just about cried. He will not be going on another roller coaster anytime soon.
Everett really wanted to see Cookie Monster in person, and we were super lucky to happen to walk by just as this show was ending.
Everett had this great plan where he was going to give Cookie Monster a cookie. We brought some along, and his dream totally came true. Ev was expecting Coookie Monster to go crazy and gobble the cookie up, so he was a little disappointed when he didn't. Someone told him Cookie Monster was allergic to cookies, so now the boys think he has an allergy.

Carson, Everett, Kate and Jane.
Looking for alligators.
The Shamu show was definitely a highlight, and we actually got to sit down since Jen and I decided being pregnant warranted sitting in the handicapped seating.
By 2 or 3 p.m. people were obviously feeling a little hot and tired.
carson was sleeping in the car faye and everett war awake. (Carson typed that all by himself.) Doesn't he look comfortable?


JenSwen said...

Yay! I love seeing pics from our fun day! You took some great ones.

I like how in one of the earlier pictures I am walking hands-free but look totally disgruntled and you are smiling despite pushing three children in the stroller. :)

Ciera & Josh Dickinson said...

Where in Texas did you guys move to? We're thinking of possibly relocating to Texas and so I always love to find out who lives there. :)

Emma and Dan said...

You guys have been very busy! I'm bummed for you that the kids were terrible at graduation, but I bet that it was a fantastic day even so. :)
Sea World looks like it was a lot of fun! I'm glad that were able to relax before orientation and intern year. I can't wait to see pics of how cute you inevitably decorate your new place.