Monday, October 22, 2012

Bike Rodeo 2012.

I had never heard of a bike rodeo until Carson came home with a flier about it. Of course he wanted to participate, and we even took a family walk to the school the night before so he could sort of practice going through the exercises. The bike rodeo is to promote safety, and the riders earned points based on how well they could ride as slowly as possible between two lines, by riding in a circle also between two lines, steering around a series of cones, and there was one more that I can't remember. 

Good thing Carson learned to ride a bike this summer! There were lots of training wheels in Pre-K, and even in Kindergarten and first grade. We're proud of Carson for purchasing this little bike with his own money at a yard sale, and for being brave enough to learn to ride it!

Carson won first place for Pre-K and got a trophy!
He and his friend Adison were actually the only ones who rode without training wheels, I think.
The winners with their principal. (Carson takes things like this very seriously and rarely smiles about them.) We'll see if we can make winning the bike rodeo a yearly tradition!

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Emma and Dan said...

That's awesome that he rides a bike without training wheels!

I read Isla's birth story when you first posted it, but I don't think I commented. I cannot believe how all that went down! You are amazing! I love that Rick had to scoop you up and carry you.

Isla is beautiful and I love her lips! I cannot believe all the things that you have been doing since she was born. I hope that you got a chance to rest at some point!