Saturday, November 3, 2012

random pictures.

It's one of those Saturdays when I know I can't get even half of the to-do list done. (I used to get up an hour or two earlier than the kids to get things done. Nighttime nursing sure makes that impossible!) Getting these random pictures posted will at least help me feel like I got something accomplished today.

This must be from a while ago, because I am finally making Faye only use her pacifier to sleep. She was so mad the first couple of days I told her it had to stay in the crib. (Her favorite way to show she's mad is to throw herself down and bang her head on the floor.) But now she keeps the rule, thank goodness. 

My lovely second freezer. I am so protective of my freezer meals and rarely use them. Silly, right??

Carson loves playing hockey with his dad. Family baseball games in our backyard are also a current favorite.
Rick gave Isla her first bath at home. (A job usually reserved for Grandmama; we wish she could have come to do it!)
We went bowling for Everett's half birthday, which the kids loved!
Both an aunt and Grandma in Utah sent packages with some really fun Halloween things. These kids love getting packages!! And the activities were real winners: these scratch-off pictures, plus glow-in-the-dark slime were good for some quiet entertainment.
This picture is totally deceiving. Her attention span for this sort of thing is about  30 seconds.
Sometimes Faye demands to hold baby sister. Today she was rocking and singing to her. Just watch out: she could throw her down at any second.

Isla takes her naps in random places. Sometimes I forget where she is.

Carson is good at multi-tasking!
Both boys love when Isla lays with them before bed. One night, Carson and Isla were actually both asleep for a bit!

Baby girl all swaddled up.
There. I finished something today!


Melissa S. said...

Yep, you did. A blog post constitutes "something" now you don't have to shower or clean. :)
I always get a sad feeling as I see my freezer meals go down too!!!!

Melissa S. said...

Oh, I'm curious, I see many multiples of meals in your freezer. What are a few of your family's favorite things to freeze?

Jamie Walton said...

She is so adorable it hurts.

stacey said...

I am the same way with my freezer meals, too. My baby is 2.5 months and we are still finishing up what I prepped in the summer before her arrival. My husband said "it's like you forgot when you made all those meals that you actually like to cook." :) Cute kids, Page!

Rachel K said...

OK, is that a PHONE book Carson is reading???