Friday, November 23, 2012

The Aunties came.

Oh how I love it when these two come!! Their visit was perfectly timed (well, for me at least) because Rick hasn't been around much, and I get a little lonely in the evenings.

They made play dough, which the kids loved. 

Faye Jeanel with Aunt Jeanel.

Suzette is back there working on the most delicious caramel apples I have ever tasted.

The obligatory photo in front of the Alamo.
I think this is why the boys love to go to the Alamo: to play with the cannons. Faye obviously has no idea.
Poor Faye does get attacked a lot.
Jeanel brought along Ryker, the boys' cousin closest to their age. They were so excited for him to come and had a great time with him.

Jeanel wanted to take the kids to the Rainforest Cafe at the Riverwalk. (Note: never go to the Rainforest Cafe at the Riverwalk. The service was awful.) They thought it was so cool, and Carson actually did not plug his ears the whole time. Faye hated the gorilla sitting right above her, though.

Since it was close to Carson's birthday, we had them sing to him. They asked him to get up and dance like an animal, and he was a good sport to do it.
Cousin fun at the park.
Faye is a climber, and Suzette got to be the one to chase her around for once!
Isla has never had so much love and attention as she did the week the sisters were here. Jeanel bathed her almost daily, put lotion and baby powder on her, snuggled her, etc. Now that I'm her primary caretaker again, the poor baby is lucky if she gets a fresh onesie every day!
She is cute!

Funny boys getting ready for an early birthday celebration for Carson.
Carson is really 5 now!
Ice cream sandwiches.
Carson had a really hard time missing Ryker after he left. Like, crying hard in his bed for a long time. Cousins are too much fun.
Suzette and Jeanel did so much for us, besides loving our kids. They helped me get a little bit better organized, bought me new dish rags since all of mine are stinky, encouraged me to go all the way to IKEA (by myself!), fed Isla her first bottle, did tons of laundry every day, and cooked some yummy dinners, among other things. We hope they come back soon!

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Melissa S. said...

Faye's face in the cannon is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! hahaha