Thursday, May 23, 2013

8 months.

Isla is eight months old!

A friend and I have been doing babysitting swaps a couple of times a week while each of us works from home. I usually drop off two or three kids, and Isla stays with me. I have these sweet visual memories of Isla's first few months of life, measured by her activities while I work.

First, I would wrap her up, extra tight burrito style, and she would sleep on the rug behind me. When she got a little older, she would lay on her back right next to my chair, and I would dangle a toy down over her face so she could bat at it and then grab it. Before long she could sit and play, and then scoot or crawl around the room. And this week the sweet little thing decided she should just stand up and hang out with me on the chair.

Today Isla even let go of the couch for a second and stood by herself. Why are my girls crazy about crawling and walking so quickly, when my boys were nice and slow about it?!

I love having a few minutes alone with my baby girl. (Then she goes down for a nap, and I actually work some!) It's amazing how when the house is quiet, she finally gets a chance to use her voice! She pretty much yells, "DA DA DA DA!" over and over again. Isla really is just the sweetest thing. She doesn't cry much, doesn't laugh a ton, she's just calm, content, and as lovable as can be.

When Carson is getting really angry at someone, I tell him to sit somewhere until he can calm down and have a soft heart. He claims that Isla is the only person or thing that can help his heart get soft. I agree, this girl helps everyone around her feel a little softer and a little happier.

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Melissa S. said...

"until you have a soft heart"..........awwww. that phrase is so cute!