Tuesday, May 7, 2013

She's off.

This mobility phase is so bittersweet. It's so cute to see this little thing crawling around, getting stuck under tables, so determined to get to wherever she's headed, to hear those hands slap on the tile floor, to see her delight in climbing over her brothers or onto a stack of pillows. But it's so sad that already I'm having to say "no no, don't go there, don't touch that," etc. I wish I could mother without having to discipline all the time!!

The pulling to a stand has also begun. 
Brother thinks it's pretty funny that she's trying to get in the bin of toys.
There she goes.
I can't just sit her outside anymore; now she heads straight for the rocks to eat them up.
Digging in my purse already.
Tonight's bath.
There goes Isla, about to try to stand up in the tub. So sad.
Occasionally I've heard someone comment in a store or something when I walk by, "oh, twins!" I never know who they're talking about, but now I'm guessing it's Everett and Faye?
And just for anyone who reads blogs and is envious of everyone else's seemingly perfect kids/life (I know I have those feelings all the time), let it be known that this happy bath time lasted all of five minutes. Bath time at our house usually ends with two to three kids crying, one is usually injured, and one to two others get pulled out for some offense. And then I mop up the wet floor. So, I guess Isla's mobility means she's getting thrown into the mix now as well. Go Isla!


Melissa S. said...

I TOTALLY get the bath-time thing. It's so nice to get it all over w/ (and quite honestly so cute to see so many kids wet and having fun in such a small space) just one bath, but yes...."he's in my space", "he poured water on my face" etc etc!!!!
Ya know, my FAVORITE tip (you probably already do this though) for bathtime is having a plastic/clear shower curtain. Then I just close it and sit outside the bath. Then if they "accidentally splash" it doesn't get out on the floor, but I can also still see them at all times. Doesn't work w/ Kellyn now (Isla?) though because any tidal wave could knock her right over. :)

Brock and Kate said...

Good luck Isla! ;)