Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grandma GJ & Grandpa Sam.

After many mixed-up conversations with Faye about which Grandma lives where and what Grandpa goes with which Grandma, she finally got to meet her Otto grandparents and figure out who everyone is. It had been an entire year since we had seen them! So she really was just a baby the last time. And they had never met Isla, the toothless, hairless sweetest baby in the world.

I think the best moments of the visit were just some quiet grandparent to grandchild play times.

We visited the San Antonio zoo one day.

Petting and brushing the animals was going well until a pig got annoyed with Faye and jumped up to run by her, snorting. You can imagine Faye's screaming after that episode.

We visited the temple with Rick's parents.

We gave Grandpa Sam a really comfortable spot to take a nap.

Three generations of boys saying their bedtime prayers.

We all enjoyed a wonderful visit!
Getting ready for a kiss.
Well, this is the best we could do.
We hope they come back soon!


Melissa S. said...

That prayer picture is PRICELESS!!!! Warm fuzzies all over.
I love Faye's kiss picture too! WOW, what a kisser!!!! You better watch out w/ that girl when she grows up. ;)
(Rick looks a ton like his dad when they both smile!)

Born to Run said...

Beautiful pictures! So glad you all had a great visit!