Friday, July 5, 2013

These two.

I had a rare hour tonight, alone with just two of the kids. Rick took Carson and Faye to the pool for a pre-bedtime swim, and Everett and Isla were a little too tired to go. (It felt like we were sort of dividing up the family based on appearances... if you look like dad, go to the pool with him. If you have some of mom's genes, stay home.) 

My Everett thrives on one-on-one time. We've had super fun house guests here this week, and Everett was quite emotional/tantrumy/hard-to-deal-with while they were here. Pretty much the moment everyone left, he transformed back into sweet Everett, and after a quiet afternoon reading new books from the library together, he was on cloud nine. When I find the time to give him attention like that, he is such a different boy. I just need to do it more! 

Pretty much everything Everett wears is intentional. His Halloween socks make him run the fastest; if he's wearing a baseball cap, he's probably planning on being on a certain team for a big game with dad when he gets home; I've even found him in Rick's closet studying his clothes to mimic what dad wears.
This was this afternoon, creating a book called, "Beach." 
Thinking about what to draw next. 
One of Everett's summer goals is to learn to make grilled cheese by himself. He's doing great. 

And while Everett and I had our precious alone time reading and talking together, this sweet little girl crawled around and giggled every time I would pretend to poke her with a toy. My little Isla is such a happy little thing.

This funny grin is her typical happy face. My current favorite thing in the world is to sit her right on the edge of the pool. She does this happy grin for a minute, and then leans in towards the water, closing her eyes and bracing for the splash. It is just too cute!
Baby girl can often be found at the top of the stairs. And naked.
Still no teeth or much hair, but still such a sweet girl. 
As I was putting Isla to bed, our nice quiet time was brought to an abrupt end with the other two running in from the pool. Everett put up his guard again, and the magical sweetness was broken. Good thing I know how to get it back!


Born to Run said...

I love that you know each of your children's personalities so well. They are each so sweet and endearing in their own ways.

Melissa S. said...

Interesting........that is so Camden. Especially when he was younger!!!! It's funny how we moms know what each child needs, no matter HOW many kids you have! Your kids are so lucky to have you.
And I laughed at the comment of dividing the kids by looks. hahaha. Isla looks like Faye to me so I probably have it ALL wrong. You'll have to post a side by side pic of them at the same age.
*I hate the climbing stairs thing. Our stairs are currently barricaded w/ a bike and a chair so Kellyn can't get to them. They are her FAVORITE thing to do right now. At least your stairs look extra plushy in case she falls! ;)