Saturday, August 31, 2013


Now that we're settling into a school routine, I'm loving the opportunities for one-on-one time with some of the kids. They are just so different when they're alone! Things are a lot quieter around the house and while running errands during the day now. (Except that Faye never stops talking.)

Baby Isla goes down for her afternoon nap a little later than Faye, so she gets my and Everett's undivided attention for a little bit. Everett likes to "babysit" her during this time for a few minutes. She is an expert clapper and waver these days, and we think she said "ball" just this morning. She alternates between walking and crawling around, and this platform halfway up the stairs is her current favorite place to play! When I have alone time with Isla, we usually read for a while in her room. She has a great attention span for books and will even sit and look at them by herself for a while! (Longer than big sister, actually.)
Oh my, alone time with Faye is a real treat. Isla naps in the morning during Everett's school, so it really is just me and her for an hour or two! I could ask her questions and listen to her funny answers all day long and still be entertained.
This is where we wait for Everett to come home on the bus. I would say an emotion and then take a picture of her face. I think this was surprised?
Faye spends her alone time telling me stories; asking me "why?" a million times in a row; trying on shoes, necklaces, hats, etc.; and stuffing random items into her purses.
A "yucky" face.
Faye loves to go to the Y, so I'm grateful I get to work out a couple of mornings a week with two happy girls in tow. Also, she and just one little friend will start a home pre school next week, and we're planning on only speaking Spanish during it. Faye already says a few words and understands a little more, so I'm hoping she learns a even more with the play dates.
Life would be so bland without this girl!
Everett is home before 11, so when the girls go down for their afternoon naps it is our time together. We usually bake something, and he does his little work book with me. Or we snuggle on the couch and read. (And I try so hard to keep my eyes open.) Everett is such a good snuggler!
We usually make bread or something like it. This day it was home made pretzels. They were ok, but my kids didn't even like them!
I love having time with just Everett. He is a thinker, and when he talks (still in such a cute, little-boy voice), it's probably something important. He has asked me questions about whether or not dinosaurs will be resurrected, and who created God and Jesus.
One day we did home made bagels, and those were really good! We added cinnamon, but we're planning on trying lots of different flavors. Recipe here.

Grateful for lots of good moments with my kids each day, and even more grateful that I don't take pictures of and try to forget all the bad ones! Ha! For some reason the boys come home from school really grumpy. My theory is that they are trying so hard to be so good while they're away, and then they let it all out at home. And then I think everyone's been tired from getting up early to go to school, so bed time is rough lately. I think that part will get better as we get used to the new schedule. But overall, still grateful for good, happy kids!


Born to Run said...

:) love your stories. The children are so sweet!

mackenzie said...

i love these pictures of faye! that's a cool idea to do all of preschool in spanish.