Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer's almost over...

Hard to believe that school will start in three weeks! And even harder to believe that I will be dropping two cute boys off each morning. If Isla keeps up her morning nap, Faye and I are going to have some good quality time together.

A few random pictures from the summer:
Popsicles with good friends.
We went to the Guadalupe River with some friends. This was a little museum nearby.
It's a pretty cool place!
I was pretty terrified the whole time that someone was going to drown and/or get swept away by the river. We had TWELVE little kids there with no dads to help supervise. It was ok, but next time I'd rather Rick came!
Carson floated down a bit and walked back, but it was pretty scary knowing that he could just keep floating down!
Isla ate rocks the whole time, and we're glad she didn't get giardia.
The boys have done a lot of workbooks this summer. I am so proud of Everett; in just the past few days, he has really started reading simple books with some confidence!
We take apart the couch once in a while; they play, and I get to vacuum it out!
Isla plays like a big kid!
Swinging during Carson's piano lesson.
On Sunday afternoons, we bake. Bread, muffins, cookies, desserts, whatever. But we are always baking!
She always takes off her shoes to play at playgrounds.
Cute boy.
Sometimes we do dinner at the pool!
We built this fun water sprinkler thing. Somehow these cool things you see online never turn out to be quite as much fun as you thought.
Ha! Rick took this one night when I went somewhere. We have been seeing a lot more daddy now that he works at a closer hospital and is no longer a general surgery intern!!
I can't even say how much I love this sweet little thing. She has had a great summer learning to crawl, stand up, take a step or two, climb stairs, wave, clap, play peek-a-boo, eat lots of food despite her lack of teeth, and to FINALLY sleep through the night.
Can't forget the annual Dress Like a Cow Day.
My little vacas!

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