Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to school.

These boys get out of bed and hit the showers each morning at 6:30 a.m. to make it to school on time. They are doing great! Carson has Mrs. Guyer for Kindergarten, probably the most caring, friendly teacher there is. He has informed us that he now sits at a special table with a naughty kid so he can be the example. He brought in his piano music to play during music time. He wishes there were more homework with less coloring and more multiplication problems. (The GT teacher actually recently tested him, and the school is working on finding some ways to challenge him.)

Everett has Ms. Bellah for pre-K, a program we are able to do since Rick is Active Duty. Everett gets a little tender when he goes to school, and he still has me walk him all the way in to his classroom and help him hang up his backpack. But he comes home on the bus three hours later happy as a clam. He says his favorite thing at school is to play in the pretend kitchen. Ha.
This picture cracks me up. This would be a typical scene if it were Carson on the couch with a chapter book, but I walked in and was surprised to see these two like this. (And pretty soon I found out Faye was copying Everett just to bug him. Last night Faye informed our dinner guests that her favorite thing to do is to bother her brothers.)

I caved and bought them school T shirts. I guess since they do wear them once a week for spirit day I get my money's worth!

Everett's first homework! Took me a minute on the favorite food... the G is a soft G, which I guess is how he says, "strawberry." The "I like to... answer is on the back..."
Ski in the dirt. That's my Everett.
Faye gets together with a cute little Spanish-speaking friend a couple of times a week for a mini preschool.
Que linda!

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Born to Run said...

Oh my, the kids are too cute! I love that Faye loves to bother her brothers; she is such a character! They are all so unique and adorable! :)