Wednesday, September 4, 2013

final days of summer.

We're still hitting 100 degrees around here, so I don't feel like I can really call these pictures the last from the summer. But the pool is officially closed, school is in session, and we're baking pumpkin bread anyway, so here is the summer wrap-up.
Carson got mad at Everett for something he said and threw a small rock at him. Smart Everett quickly ran inside and shut the sliding door to avoid getting hit by the rock. Instead, the rock shattered the glass of the entire sliding door. When Carson gets his first job, I think we should collect the first few hundred dollars he earns to pay for the replacement door. (Although I wanted french doors anyway, ha! Although since we like to put big purchases off, we still haven't gotten new doors yet and this happened about a month ago...)
Rick and I tried to go on a date one night (since we never go on dates) playing tennis at our neighborhood courts. Even at 8:30 p.m. it was close to 100 degrees, and I will admit I was a total party pooper and done after 20 minutes. Rick really wishes he had someone to play tennis with, and I am not the one.

Sunday afternoon spying on the neighbors.

We seriously miss Avianna, the sweet girl who used to come play all the time. She moved out of her grandparents' house.
Sometimes everyone plays in Isla's crib.
Baby girl learning from big sister.
She took a lot of her first few steps at the pool. So much open space!
Faye is always admiring dogs in people's cars. This sweet Latina lady got out of her car and brought her dog over to Faye, suggesting we take a picture. Well, sure, I guess!
There is a park we often drive by (about 3 miles from our house), and we discovered that if we jump on the running trail it is only one mile away. So one Saturday morning we packed up some bagels and took a family bike ride/jog down to play.

Faye and I went on a date to buy the wood to build her a big girl bed. Rick and I built the frame, and now it's sitting in the garage waiting for me to stain it. (And I am majorly stressing over bedding. Pattern mixing is hard!)
Please note flip flops on the wrong feet, hair done by herself, and baby taking a nap on the cart. Shopping with Faye is the best.
I got a Groupon for Faye to do gymnastics for a month! I have waited for this moment all my life!! Seriously, I think I got a little emotional when we entered the gym. Too bad it's so expensive; I will have to have some major self control when the month is up and they ask if I want to sign her up for good!

So there is this storm drain (is that what you call it?) between our house and the mailbox, and the kids have always been curious as to what's down there. I told them they could walk down and see. They all had this look of fear come over them, and after several failed attempts (and maybe even a few tears; I refused to help them), they finally walked all the way down.
Carson instructed everyone to plug their ears. You can never be too careful.
This summer was our first real attempt at a vegetable garden. We stunk at taking care of it and got a few tomatoes before everything died. I started over with some plants and flowers in the front and am going to really try to keep this one alive.
Goodbye, summer days! Now, cooler weather, please!


Robyn said...

What a fun summer! I especially love the picture of your kids on the fence where it looks like Everett's pants are about the fall off. I can't wait to see how you decide to decorate Faye's room!

The Daytons said...

I always love reading your blog, you have such good ideas and such a non stressful parenting style, love it! I wanted to ask if you have a certain tutorial you use to make your big kid beds? I know you have done it a few times now and am wondering how. Thanks!