Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I have this awful habit of staying up until Rick gets home from work. It's one thing if he's on nights and I know I'm going to bed alone, but it's another thing when I'm just sort of waiting for him to arrive, not knowing if it'll be in five minutes or in five hours! I think he's breaking records on his number of hours worked these last couple of weeks... NINETEEN yesterday, and about the same today so far...

But, I am sitting here with the window OPEN and dying of happiness because there is a cool breeze! In San Antonio!

Since the temperatures are finally feeling fall-ish, I got out all the fall/winter clothes bins. Didn't get much done with both Faye and Isla around! Isla quickly became obsessed with shoes, and now she frequently brings me a pair and says, "uhh uhh," until I put them on her. This baby's got opinions!
Summer, Fall, whenever, does Everett ever wear pants? The other day the house was too quiet, so I went looking for Everett. I stood at the doorway to my room and watched him, in front of the full-length mirror, holding my fabric scissors and a paint stirrer. He was whipping them around and had this super intense angry look on his face. When he noticed me in the doorway, he got a little embarrassed, and then informed me that he was, "just getting ready in case any bad guys come in." Beware the pant-less dude with a paint stirrer!

 Oh good, Rick is home, and I can finally quit wasting my life away and go to bed!!

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