Friday, October 25, 2013

Outside days.

The weather this past week has been absolute perfection! Let's forget the San Antonio mugginess that is 80% of the year and just focus on this one wonderful week. We've been staying outside as much as possible, as seen below.
Just walking around with her snack. We walked down to a different little park by our house today, and Isla learned to go down slides by herself. That little body just flies down; it is pretty funny!
This is typical Carson enjoying the playground.
Everett surprised me with his pumping ability. Guess they do learn something in public school!
Faye the fashionista. Too bad she had taken off the floppy hat she had on earlier.
Just a few deer in the YMCA parking lot. Faye had her head out the window yelling, "HI DEERS!" There are eleven deer there!

Little girl riding a bike in her Sunday dress.
Our friends Jen and Scott came for a quick visit so Scott could take his citizenship test. My kids were thrilled, since they love playing with Kate and Jane! 
When they called to say Scott had passed the test and they were on their way back, we quickly made this sign (it says "congrats, Dad, you're a citizen!") and welcomed him home with a patriotic celebration. 
Julia and Faye made fantasmas.
The annual bike rodeo. Carson was hoping for another trophy but got second place in his grade. I'm kicking myself for not putting reflectors and things on his bike to get those points! 
And Everett was super cute on his balance bike.

 Here's hoping for lots more beautiful outside days!

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Melissa S. said...

That actually would be pretty funny to watch a child that young go zipping down the slide by herself. haha.
Too bad about those reflectors!!!!! But it looks like they still enjoyed it.