Monday, January 6, 2014

The last of 2013.

At about 11 months, Isla finally broke her first tooth. (It was pretty cute to have a toothless baby who could walk before that!) And then eight broke through at once in the following few weeks! One top tooth came in a while before the other, so we called her "scraggle tooth" sometimes. 
This was a family night in November: an obstacle course.
Yes, it was warm enough to be without clothes on outside in November!
One of Faye's little pre school activities on colors. She wouldn't drink the colored leche though.
One cold Sunday we got to bust out the sweaters.
The boys' are hand-knit by their great aunt. They are beautiful!
Carson can be an awesome older brother when he decides to be one. (New Year's resolution number one: get rid of Faye's paci. I snipped the tip a little bit two nights ago, and when she was trying to suck it to go to sleep she kept saying, "it's squeezing air!" She didn't like it, but the time has finally come.)
I was super happy to discover that the kids like kale chips.
Faye would prefer to wear her leotard most days.
Playing war.
Still bathing all together.
The first weekend in December was really, really cold. (Today is as well. What is going on, San Antonio??) We had planned on going to this Christmas festival thing though, and the kids still wanted to go despite the cold. We went, everybody cried about for about 20 minutes, and we left. It was miserable! They had some fake snow there, and Everett was the only one who would even go in it for a minute.
Our next-door neighbors' dog Bubba died, and we attended the burial.
Isla loves the pet store.
I turned 30! I stand by Golden Corral as the best family restaurant. Good enough salad bar for me, plenty of food for babies and kids, meat for Rick. We made a humongous mess at our table. Isla ate two whole cobs of corn and stayed in her high chair for probably an entire hour, which is a record for sure. It was pretty amazing.
Not to mention the desserts! Which one of these is not like the other... Isla still has her corn!
Carson lost his first tooth soon after turning 6! It was pretty sad, though, since when he went to put it under his pillow we couldn't find it anywhere. It didn't help that I had just vacuumed the entire downstairs, and when we went to look in the vacuum bag we found a million tiny white pieces of popcorn, disguising any tooth that might have been in there! RIP, Carson's first tooth. He left a note for the tooth fairy and got a quarter anyway.
My baby is getting to be such a big girl. I get a little teary sometimes when I hold someone else's newborn. For the first time I have a one-year-old and am not pregnant! It's a little bittersweet. 
Isla is a pretty smart little thing and wants to do everything her siblings are doing. These kids learned and grew a lot in 2013; onto the next year!


Emma and Dan said...

You're cute kids are getting so big. I LOVE your built in bookcases. It makes me want to buy a house (we're renting now) so that I can do awesome stuff like that.

My parents live in the same city as us now, but I have to say that I think we did more big projects back when they used to come for visits in NC. The frequent babysitting and Sunday dinners are pretty great though. :)

Melissa S. said...

I am SOOOOO with Faye on the whole not drinking colored milk thing!!!! I'm fickle when it comes to changing the color of my food too. haha
And I'm also with you on the Golden Corral thing. My family and Brooks' family thinks it's the worst place ever and only for old people, but for my family it's pure heaven and EVERYONE leaves full and happy......that, and I am a sucker for cotton candy. ;)
I remember on Royce's 1st b-day and I wasn't pregnant for the first felt weird/sad/liberating and strangely full of energy! You look great in all your running gear!
PS- it used to take us FOREVER to get through the B.o.m. as well too, but it's amazing what happens when you have 3 really fast readers helping with me and Brooks. You have Carson (who is the same age as Aleeya) though and Aleeya isn't really reading yet, so you'll be well ahead of the game soon!