Friday, April 11, 2014

Everett is five!

This cute boy turned five last week.
Occasionally Everett will sneak into his bed to take an afternoon nap, for the purpose of getting to "stay up" later than the other kids that night. To be honest, I love that hour or two when it's just Everett and me in a quiet house. He has a unique way of talking, carefully choosing his words and explaining things just so. I get to hear him talk while we do floor puzzles or workbooks or snuggle on the couch to read. This kid is really the best snuggler there is. 
Everett enjoys his Pre-K class, although he has a hard time getting out of bed at 6:45 a.m.! The teacher reports that he is very respectful and polite. For a couple of weeks he would tell me how the kids on the bus were making fun of one student in his class. (The bullying starts at age four, apparently!) Everett said the was the only one who didn't make fun of the boy, and after a few days he got the courage up to tell the other kids to stop. Everett really has a sweet, kind heart. It's no wonder that Isla prefers him to any other sibling. 
Everett was lucky enough to have his fifth birthday land on a Friday, so we planned a little Friday evening party. He and Carson play "boy scouts" all the time with a couple of neighbor friends, so he really wanted to do a boy scouts party. I sort of changed it to a camping theme to include both genders. :) The weather was absolutely beautiful; perfect for an outdoor party!
And to explain his shirt... I try to have a shirt ready for each kids' birthday with their new age on it. Just something to help them feel like it's really their day. Everett is currently quite obsessed with MONEY. He will do anything to earn it, he likes to count it, hold it, spend it, save it, etc. (I took all the kids to the bank recently to open their own accounts, and Everett already has an envelope ready with his second deposit.) Everett was with me at the fabric store a while ago and spotted this money fabric. He loved it, so I bought a yard, and it seemed perfect for his shirt. He and I are going to sew some little bags out of the rest.
Everett with good friend Brynlee. (ALL photo credits to Brynlee's mom, Sarah! Without her I would have had no documentation of this party!!)
"Sarah, please don't take any pictures of me!"
Peek-a-boo with my hair.
First, the kids decorated scout vests. Then they went through a few different activities, earning a badge to stick on their vests after completing each one.
First was fishing.
The boys had had fun the day before making all the fish for this. Carson even labeled them all... clown fish, tuna, red snapper, black marlin... When Everett was up to fish, Carson made him catch a boot! Ha! He got to go again and catch a real "fish."
My neighbor Cheryl, aka Isla's adopted grandma, always saves the day. (I ended up babysitting a friend's three little girls right during this party, so her arms were never empty with helping take care of babies!)
Relay races were next.

We also told "spooky" stories in the tent, and then were supposed to do some target practice with a bow and arrow. But everyone was hungry enough we went straight to the food.

In lieu of a cake, Everett wanted to do s'mores. 
And Rick showed up! Happy day!
I was quite proud of myself for making a fire all by myself for this!! And as I was doing it I was thinking maybe it was a little crazy to have an open fire around a dozen little kids?? 
All ready to open presents.
You know he was happy with this gift!
Friends are so kind. Everett had a wonderful birthday celebration!!

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Jamie said...

This looks so fun! I love the s'mores in lieu of cake--those are on of my most favorite treats. Happy birthday to Everett!