Tuesday, April 8, 2014

South Padre Island, weekend trip.

With Rick home for a precious week in February, I made a humongous to-do list. There were projects around the house as well as some fun outings. When our friends the Franciscos suggested we join them for a long weekend at the beach, we threw the list out the window and jumped on board. Nearly two months later I am still working on a few of those neglected projects! But we had a memorable, wonderful time at South Padre Island.
The kids were perfect on the five hour drive there! Each hour on the hour they got a new activity. Every half hour was a little snack/treat. The isolation of Faye also helps keep the peace. :) (The drive home was NOT so successful and was particularly painful since our van's AC went out!)
On a walk around South Padre Island. A fascinating grate, apparently. Also, going anywhere with eight kids under the age of eight is pretty funny!
The boys went fishing.
I think examining the bait was the most exciting part!

The water was not really warm enough to fully enjoy the beach, but the boys did run in and try to boogie board a little bit. I was surprised at how identical this beach was to my old stomping ground, the Outer Banks! It was a beautiful place to go and forget about real life for a few days. We got to enjoy the benefits of having a TV in the hotel room to watch some of the Olympics. We're glad our friends let us tag along with them to experience South Padre Island!

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mackenzie said...

Nice handstand!

Faye's hair is crazy curly in that one picture.