Thursday, May 11, 2017

February 2017.

100th day of school: second graders dress up like they are 100 years old; kindergarteners bring or draw 100 things. Faye (with some help) drew 100 emojis, beginning with the poop of course.

Boys with books.

After asking for months, Everett got to try a martial arts class. (From which he is now on a break, because baseball took over our lives!) The girls loved coming along to play school in the room next door.

The girls are constantly dragging things around to set up "house" or "store" or whatever they are playing. A lamp, canned beans, etc.

Piano is hard work.

My biking buddy.

Night before the school bike rodeo, Carson helping me get bikes ready. All three kids won first place for their grade and will advance to the city-wide bike rodeo!

Sunday, February 12th.

Valentine's Day boxes and valentines for classmates. Heart shaped pizza that night, and Rick was on call and passed out on the floor!

An overflowing toilet can cause some pretty major damage...

Boys got in a season of YMCA basketball.

Sunday, February 19th

A teacher, Ms. Guyer and I made a little video for the school morning announcements to promote the Get Fit Challenge that I have done the last two years. The girls got to try out the green screen.

Let's rodeo, San Antonio! Ashley and family were in town and got to enjoy the rodeo and fair with us!

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