Friday, May 5, 2017

January 2017.

New Year's Eve party at the Allen's house with Minute-to-Win-It games.

Sunday, January 1st.

Sunday, January 8th. Church moved to 8:30 a.m. this year, and it is a struggle to get everyone ready with hair done!

Whenever I put Isla to bed, she and I repeat a scripted dialogue: "Love you mama, sweet dreams." "Love you Isla, sweet dreams." "What are we having for breakfast tomorrow?" "Waffles." etc. etc. One of her requests is that I check on her in five minutes, and that when I do if she's asleep I take a picture so she knows I came. So I have lots of pictures of Isla sleeping!!

Rick attended the annual AUA in San Diego, and I tagged along so we could call it our 10 year anniversary trip. My wonderful parents came and watched our kids, my dad going solo for the first couple of days!! This is the first time we've left all four kids overnight. Rick presented some research and won an award. I mostly went for long walks and read books! I've had The Kite Runner sitting on my nightstand for probably three years and finally read it. I took my first Uber one day and explored downtown, my favorite find being the Ghirardelli store. We also toured the USS Midway museum and accidentally fed our leftover pizza to a seagull on our balcony.

Sunday picture taken by my parents while we were gone... yikes!

When the Packers won the second playoff game against the Cowboys, people got a little excited at our house. A Green Bay fort was erected in the living room, and I was instructed not to take it down until they won the Superbowl. Rick attached the Packers car decal he'd gotten for Christmas. Everett dressed up, made a flag for his bike, and led a two-man parade down the street. Before he left, he said, "Carson, you better come with me in case I get beat up."
In preparation for her birthday, Faye did lots of research on American Girl/Our Generation dolls.
Just a typical dinner with Everett.

Our friend Morgan brought her violin over during a Friday playdate, and the girls were mesmerized.
Sunday, January 22.

Selfie during Isla's hair-do.

So Smart Night at the kids' school. They rotate through different educational activities, and dressing up is pretty funny!
Had to document Everett's inside-out ear trick. He used to be able to do it with both ears and now can only do it with the right.

Giving Reflections awards.

Miss Faye's birthday! She's six! She showed us how, during recess, she sometimes sneaks back in the classroom and makes subtle changes to trick her teacher. She hosted a nature party and invited six of her closest friends. We went on a nature scavenger hunt and made a craft.

The girls went down to get the mail, and this is what I saw when I checked on them!
Faye really, really, really wanted a doll for her birthday. She tried to earn money for it and fell a little short. Her Grandma GJ made up the difference for her, and she got the Valencia doll she'd been dreaming of! She may have teared up a little when she received this gift.

Daddy-daughter dance. They invited our friend Anslee, whose dad is deployed right now. The girls were both being total stinkers for some reason about taking a nice picture with their dad, and instead of letting it go like I should have I forced them into it! Oh well. Isla is still very attached to her mother, and after the dance she told Rick, "I still love mom more."

Sunday walk. Everett decided to pick up as much litter as he could find.

 "Can we please have quesadillas from Faye and Isla." With cheese and spinach taped to the fridge; the circles are tortillas.

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