Wednesday, November 28, 2007

baby pictures galore!

Here is the latest from cute Carson! I'm not such a good photographer, so when Rick gets back in town from his LAST interview, we'll have some better pics and videos.

So, I know that Carson is only one week old, but he really smiles!! This video only captures a good smile at the very beginning, so watch carefully. We'll try to get better ones later. (And his nose is NOT big like it looks in the video.)

Just another little clip of Carson in the Boppy pillow.

...and some pictures! A brief review of his whole week-old life so far.

Proud mom and dad right after delivery! I am happy to say I kept my goal of going all natural for the delivery...NO drugs!! The smiles are before we knew that Carson's blood sugar was "critically low" and that he would need to go to the NICU.

I had no idea they would stick and IV through his HEAD!! Here it is. He was on the IV for a couple of days, and we gradually weaned him off of it to feeding from me and a tube through his nose, and finally to just milk from momma! By the end of his stay at the NICU, Rick and I were doing pretty much everything to take care of him. We would go down there every 3 hours to change him, take his temp, feed him, etc.

The cute boy after taking off all his monitors and tubes... he's ready to go HOME!!!

And now he is home with us!! He's doing his cute smile thing in the second pic.

It is truly a miracle that Carson came at just the right time. Had I gone into labor a week earlier, they probably would have tried to postpone the labor, which would have been horrible because no one knew that the placenta wasn't working. Had Carson stayed in me, he may not have made it much longer. He is our perfect little baby that came at the perfect time, and we are so grateful.


reggstyl said...

Yeah for the videos!! Such cute smiles :) and my boppy appreciates the shout-out. I like the new layout as well. He looks really healthy, and like he's gained some weight!

Kim said...

Cute pictures Page! I can't wait to meet him!

Salem said...

I want to hold baby Carson!!!!! He is so so so cute!!! And reminds me so much of Ryder because of how tiny he is. You and Rick both look so good...I'm sure you are both amazing parents. Ryder loved watching the videos and was saying "baby Carson....cute." I'm so glad Carson is doing so well, and is such a good eater! Way to go buddy!

JenSwen said...

I love it all! The smiling video really was fun. Kate loved watching the "baby!" When she was a newborn I read that those pre-social smiles aren't always sign of gas, but can also be due to contentment. That seemed to fit better. :)