Friday, November 16, 2007

Ricky's Journey to Medical School

Rick is out of town for yet another medical school interview, and I am finding no good reason to go to bed when the prospect is cold and lonely! If anyone is interested in an update on Rick's application status, here you go.

We completed the first step over the summer, the standardized AMCAS application that gets sent to all the chosen medical schools. This includes GPA, MCAT score, descriptions of extra-curricular activities, and essays. Then, each school asks for a detailed secondary application, letters of recommendation, and a fee. If they still like you after that, they'll invite you to interview. (YOU pay your way there!) Finally, they'll notify if you're in, if you're not, or if they're still considering you on a waiting list. Phew!

Rick is in Milwaukee for interview #7. He is currently on the waiting lists of Saint Louis and Georgetown. We hope to hear back from the U of WI and U of TN very soon!!

I am so proud of Ricky for working hard over the past 4+ years to have such a strong application. He has a talent for balancing school, work, volunteering, sports, and family that continually amazes me!! (I consider myself slightly unbalanced, which is why I had to marry someone so balanced.) He is doing well in school this semester despite having gone out of town 7 times, and I am surviving as well!! I decided he deserved a post for his hard work.

Isn't he cute??


reggstyl said...

Don't you need to update your poster for Georgetown?? And I love the stickers :)

JenSwen said...

Wow, nine interviews! That's incredible. No wonder it seems like you guys are always coming to the airport here. I love the teddy bear in the Snugli - very cute pic.

Nitro Jenn said...

I am so happy for you and your cute hubby and baby-on-the-way!

Salem said...

Way to go Rick!! WE ARE COUNTING ON WISCONSIN!!!! We could have Sunday dinners...and playdates!!! Remember walking on the beach talking about how we wanted to live by eachother when we were 'old and married?' Let's do it!!

Amy said...

Rick, you are such a studly dad of a teddy bear.

Love, Amy & Brookie