Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Recent Accomplishments

I hope this isn't a prideful post, but I feel the need to share a few recent accomplishments that have occurred in my little life lately:

1.) For those of you who haven't tasted my mother's famous Christmas Ribbon Salad, you are seriously missing out. It's always been a favorite of mine, and a while ago I decided I needed a between-Christmases dose of the good stuff. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how precarious the process of making the salad actually is. You have to let each layer set up just enough before you add the subsequent layer, lest that first layer's liquidity invade the second layer's space. (See white layer rising up above red layer, to the left.) Also, the salad fills a 9x13 pan right to the brim, so unless you can hold the pan exactly level, it WILL spill when you go to put it in the fridge. This DISASTER occurred in our fridge about 2 months ago. I cried; Rick took pictures.

So what is the recent accomplishment, you might be asking? Yesterday, I scraped the LAST of the JELL-O residue out of my fridge!!

2.) I don't know if this counts as an accomplishment, but I think the resultant pictures are hilarious. I've never had a cavity in my life... until recently. In my defense, the dentist said that there's no way I could have prevented the little crack on the surface of my tooth; the sealant just wore away. I had to humble myself enough to admit that I needed my first filling, and fill that tooth they did. It wasn't so bad... and the funny feeling of my numbed mouth was cool enough to be worth the pain! Enjoy the pic of my mutated face!

3.) The final accomplishment: the baby's room is finally cleaned and organized enough to actually house a human being!! It took Rick's being out of town for 2 nights to motivate me to do the dirty work. When he was gone, I had no desire to go to bed alone, so I stayed up all night and filed or got rid of EVERY SINGLE loose paper in our home (previous to the room being designated as the baby's its job was to hold the papers, tests, and schoolwork of probably the past 10 years of Rick and my lives), scrubbed clean the filthy rocking chair we bought used for only 20 bucks, and organized all the baby's clothes and supplies. It's no Pottery Barn baby's dream room, but it will do!

My next project is to paint both a shelf for his room and letters that spell out his name. The baby's name will be Carson, but the craft store was out of the letter "S," so I only have the letters C-A-R-O-N. While I was organizing the room, I happened to look down at the letters on the floor, arranged randomly. To my amazement, they spelled a new word! We're looking forward to welcoming our little Acorn to our family. :)

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