Saturday, December 22, 2007

no more finals!!

Rick took his last final yesterday, and Christmas break has officially begun!

Occasionally Rick has trouble staying awake while studying. In order to combat the fatigue, he likes to study outside in the cold. Yesterday, he sat out on our balcony in freezing cold weather, in short sleeves!! He came inside only when the wind started blowing the freezing rain onto him. But it was worth it... Rick did well on all of his finals and should get all A's!!!!!

During Rick's freeze-out, I waved to him from the window. I was making gingerbread cookies.

And Carson sat there on the couch, looking quite perplexed as to why Daddy was out in the cold.


ashley said...

oh my gosh! i have never seen a face like that. no offense, but it's kind of scary!

JenSwen said...

Wow, Rick, that is some serious self-discipline you had going there. Really creative too. Glad it worked for you! And Carson's face is hilarious. Glad to see he is developing a little chub under the chin. :)

bd93 said...

That picture is classic! I hope Carson will always be proud of it:)

Salem said...

Wow, Carson...I'm not sure if "perplexed" is the right word...but you should send that in to some photo competition!!! And way to go Rick!! Anymore acceptances lately??

Marjorie said...

Woman, what kind of face is that? I'm glad I'm not the only one that keeps the 'ugly' pictures for current and future use. Sometimes you just can't toss out the scary ones. Hope you all had a very merry christmas!

Jakob said...

Congratulations on your med school acceptances, Rick! I know those were some of your top choices. John and I are going cross country skiing today, and I am going to throw a snowball at his sisters because I like teasing them.

Also, Carson looks just like you! And I remember "freeze-outs" in the car when you got tired driving - open all the windows in the middle of December. You're still crazy.

- Jakob