Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We miss Grandma.

Just a few of the things that my mom, Carson's grandma, did for us last week:

1. Organized the ridiculous number of plastic grocery bags we had stuffed under our sink.
2. Kept me company during the lonely, late night feedings.
3. Made me take naps.
4. Made me eat cheese with my saltines to get "more protein."
5. Gave Carson his first bath.
6. Pulled everything out of our freezer and fridge to organize... several times.
7. Cooked dinners and washed dishes.
8. Put up a new shower curtain and got rid of our smelly old one.
9. Stocked our fridge and pantry, including hummus and pitas.
10. Stayed with Carson so we could go out to dinner for perhaps the last time in a long time.
11. Left me a present to open the day she left. (A kit to make a gingerbread house!)
12. Taught me how to pack a diaper bag.
13. Significantly reduced Carson's bilirubin count by holding him just right in the sunlight. Or is she teaching him how to ride a horse?

When I accidentally sat on Carson's head this morning, he was probably thinking, "Oh boy, it's just me and her now! Where did grandma go??" We are grateful for my generous, caring and very organized mother.


Marjorie said...

What an awesome MOM! Of course we already knew how totally awesome she was but as a grandma she is even more awesome. If you ever need anything Page I know I'm not as awesome as your mom but I am a few miles closer (and you were right it will be the last dinner out for a long time). Keep those pictures coming, we love the smiles!

Rich and Kate Mackay said...

Rich and I will babysit anytime!!! That way you guys can go out to dinner! =)

bd93 said...

Rick and Page
-That's a cute baby! I'm so happy for you guys and glad he's home from the hospital.

Salem said...

Awww...I love your mom...and I need a visit...I have a TON of grocery bags under my sink, too. Mom's are the best with new babies. And she's always been good at getting you to eat your protein...I remember taking snack bags with nuts and other assortments of things when you lived at the apartment in W. VA. By the way, how is Carson sleeping?? Still a great eater?? Man I so wish we could be there!!! Ryder has been talking about "baby Carson"'s so cute!