Monday, December 31, 2007

Carson's New Tricks

Carson is CHUBBY!!! Check out the size of these thighs. He currently weighs in at 9.5 pounds, which means he will double his birth weight at only 6 weeks of age!

I thoroughly enjoy the thought of my fat stores quite literally going to Carson.

His new tricks include:

1. Sleeping a little longer. Last night he ate at midnight, 4:15, and then 8:00. Not bad.

2. Enjoying baths. Instead of crying when he gets wet, now he just gets really wide-eyed and looks kind of excited, almost like he's having fun.

3. Holding up his own head. When you hold him on your chest or over your shoulder, he always kind of arches his back and lifts his head way up. He doesn't yet love tummy time, but he does lift his head and turn it over quite often.

4. Looking cute. Thanks to Reid and Michele for the cutest outfit ever!!

5. Talking. Ok, not with words, but he does coo and make cute noises a lot more. I've had bad luck catching them on video, but here's one attempt:


Salem said...

Such a cutie...I can't believe how different he looks now that he's getting chubbier!! And you're right on the cutest outfit ever (from Reid and Michelle)...Ryder had the same one, in white, and wore it for his blessing. Good job taking lots of pictures!!

Kim said...

He is getting SO big! What a cute little guy! I hope you guys had a great Christmas!

Barbaloot said...

So cute! Sorry I missed you guys over the break:( Hopefully we can figure something out next time.

JenSwen said...

Wow Page, you did good work! He chubbed up fast! And is looking cuter than ever. Hope you guys had a great Christmas.