Thursday, June 19, 2008

7 months old and scooting!

Carson is 7 months old tomorrow!

My parents and I are off to Winston-Salem, NC this weekend to look for a place to live! The medical school decision has finally been made. It was hard to give up the dream of going to Georgetown, but we feel we'll be better off down south. There, we can afford a nice little 3 bedroom with a yard only blocks from the med school campus, whereas in Georgetown we would have been stuck in a teeny apartment. And, there's a chance that Carson will develop a southern accent.


Lynn said...

Bummer, it would have been great fun to be neighbors, but I hear ya. Have fun house hunting!

Salem said...

He is still one of the cutest babies I have ever seen...I love how happy he is!! Who would have thought years ago that you would be recording your scooting baby in that bedroom???

JenSwen said...

Whoa, big change! Either way you are far from us. :) But I bet you'll enjoy having a house!

I knew Carson would be early on gross motor skills.

Playful Professional said...

Stay as far away from DC as possible. We're paying $2000/mo for a 800 square foot apartment because we have to. I would love to even think about looking for a house.