Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life After Cambodia

After being in the U. S. of A. for 2 weeks now post-Cambodia, here are the things that I am incredibly grateful for that are available to me in this blessed country and not in Cambodge:
  • Target.
  • access to good, clean hospitals and doctors.
  • spacious living conditions, especially a clean floor where Carson can scoot around.
  • ice cream.
  • many other delicious foods, especially options that do not include rice.
  • I can finally go outside and go for a walk! And the air is clean and nothing smells like dead fish.
  • Carson can sit in a real high chair and eat foods with a real baby spoon and bowl.
  • reliable internet.
  • a piano.
  • safe transportation. We are no longer cooped up in one room!
  • a washer and dryer. I will never wash by hand again.
  • hot water, right out of the faucet.
  • my parents and sisters.
However, here are the things that I am still missing terribly from Cambodia:
  • Carson's dad.
  • my husband.
  • this guy:

I have sworn to never get mushy in a post, but my heart hurt today. 11 more days without Rick.

Did I mention that my mom left for Utah on Tuesday, my dad is hiking the Appalachian Trail for a couple of days, and Mackenzie spends 12+ hours working every day? Talk about loneliness!


JenSwen said...

Nah, that wasn't too mushy. But I know that I hate being separated from Scott for a few days, so I can only imagine how you must feel. Call me anytime! We need to catch up anyway. I can tell you about my girls' camp day from hell. :)

taylor and laney said...

that's a long time to be without rick! good luck with the next week and a half. as crazy as cambodia sounds, I am totally jealous that you got to see it all and live there for a bit. but that whole part where you were sick sounded horrible! there is not much worse than being incredibly sick in a lesser developed nation.

mackdick said...

i do not work 12+ hours a day. much of that is spent playing. with horses.

Playful Professional said...

What is everyone doing in Cambodia? Sounds more interesting than my life.

Brian and Callie said...

Amen! I am SOO grateful to be home too. It feels so good. It's nice to go outside and not to sweat out of every pore.

By the way, your house is adorable! What a great find!! Hang in there without Rick!