Friday, June 13, 2008


This big dude is the protector of Battambang. Lots of people go to him worship at night, too.

On Rick's mission, Battambang was commonly referred to as "heaven" among the missionaries: ideal location, beautiful scenery, and an abundance of families to teach. My visit there, however, was anything but heavenly. This is pretty much all I saw of Battambang:

(Thank goodness we were at a semi-nice hotel with American facilities!) Call it food poisoning or whatever you want, but all I know is that my body violently rid itself of anything and everything... from both ends. I'll spare any more details, but I am grateful for priesthood blessings and prayer, for a father- and brother-in-law who are doctors and know how to treat illnesses, for a loving husband who doubles as a doting nurse, and for our friendly hotel staff who babysat Carson while Rick ran around seeking treatments and I was too weak and sick to care for him.

Before disaster struck, we were able to see some wonderful people that Rick taught on his mission at an English class at the church. We also met "his family" (like, they call him their son). Here, they couldn't wait for us to come visit them; they came by the hotel just before Carson's bed time:
Here we are later, at their home. The wooden table that we're sitting on is for sitting, eating, sleeping, etc. etc. etc.
The dad felt the need to take off his shirt for a picture with Carson. This is also when I realized that Cambodians don't have chest hair.

And this is cute cute Angel, with whom Carson made best friends. Angel speaks primarily English due to her English-speaking Phillipino mom. Angel and her parents also helped us out a ton when I was sick. She is just the cutest little girl!

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Marge said...

I cannot believe you got SICK. Boo! I am glad to hear you are doing better but from experience I can confidently say that you will never want that to happen again. We can't wait for your return to Virginia, including homes with running water and comfy couches. BE SAFE!