Monday, September 29, 2008

sunday = family day

Rick doesn't study ... I don't clean ... Carson gets a little gel in his hair ... We read and relax and worship all day ... Sundays are wonderful!!!

... and we had a WHOLE chicken for the first time this Sunday. I'm normally a boneless skinless type of cook, but the whole chickens were 59 cents/pound. I couldn't help myself. I was so scared to reach my hand in and pull the giblets out. (ew, even the word gives me shivers.) Rick did it for me and proceeded to examine each internal organ.


JenSwen said...

I can't believe how mature Carson looks in these pics! He looks like he could be the next Mormon - a sober child, and quick to observe! Love his sweater, and Page, you are cute.

mackdick said...

cute apron. and what that design i see on the playroom walls? i like it.

Marge said...

He is getting so big, and of course by him I mean Carson. Rick still looks like skinny, in-shape self. Love the #1 pose with the fingers.

Barbaloot said...

Uh oh---are you already putting gel in that poor child's hair? :)
JK-he looks very cute/handsome. And I loved your letter in the previous post to the intramural buddy. If you happen to meet any single LDS guys...send 'em my way:)