Monday, September 22, 2008

weekend recap.

first, we went to a luau at our church.

carson tried to poke ellie's eyes out, as usual.

we left the luau early to go home for the long-awaited arrival of... THE GRANDPARENTS!!

carson bonded with my mom and dad all weekend long.

grandmama even let carson open his one-year birthday presents early: books galore!!

we were also spoiled, as the grandparents came back from the grocery with bounteous gifts for us, including a package of tortellini (my favorite), and a 3-pound steak. YUM.

my parents are cute. and they fit on one couch.
then, on sunday afternoon, carson learned to pound that meat.

and then, the grandparents left.

and we were very sad.


Salem said...

Cute!!!!! That picture of your parents and Carson is ADORABLE...and I LOVED the video!!! So funny! I want to see that little guy! Ryder is already getting excited to "play with baby Carson at the beach!" Do we have to wait that long????

JenSwen said...

Great pictures in this post! I love your family pic and the one of Carson with his grandparents. You have attractive parents, Page. And Carson's little girlfriend is a doll. Call me so I can know about your life!

Marge said...

Your mom and dad are so cute. I love the picture. I'm so glad you guys are getting visitors. What are your callings in the new ward?