Monday, March 2, 2009

our morning.

When we moved here, Rick cheerfully declared, "well, we can leave our coats and scarves all packed up!"

He had read that the average temperatures in the winter here are in the 40s. Even after I calmly explained the definition of the word average (if the average is 40, sometimes it's 55 and sometimes it's 25, right sweetie??), Rick still stuck to his guns that it would be perpetually spring.

Last night, we were both staring at our computer screens, Rick probably doing some deep thinking about the wonders of eternity, and me doing some mindless blog reading. Suddenly, I clicked over to my gmail account and saw SNOW!! (Don't you love gmail's new backgrounds?? You don't even have to look outside to know the current weather!) This was not the first time Rick had been proven wrong about it never getting cold here. We went to bed excited about the pretty snowfall. (It was even prettier outside than on gmail.)

When we woke up this morning, Rick was not his usual optimistic self. "It's cold in here," he said, "and I haven't heard the heater turn on in a while." We attempted to turn on the lights. No lights. No electricity. NO HEAT. No microwave to make hot chocolate. It was 49 DEGREES IN OUR BEDROOM.

So, Rick went to school (I guess somehow the hospital always has electricity and heat. Hmph.), and Carson and I were left here to pile on layers of clothing and cuddle up, not daring to open the refrigerator. At about 11 a.m., the power came back on, of course causing our alarm system to beep loudly and wake up Carson, ruining my hopes of having a morning snooze as well.

So, Rick, I guess it's a good think we did unpack our coats and scarves when we moved here. 'Cause Carson and I wore them all morning inside the house!

(Picture actually taken a few weeks ago. He was way more bundled up than this today. It was just too cold to take my fingers out of the gloves to take a picture.)

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Sara said...

Oh my! You poor things! You should've called me..I would've picked you two up and brought you over here (where we had electricity, heat, a fire, and hot chocolate!)