Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tennessee time.

We kicked off our much-anticipated Spring Break with a weekend trip to Tennessee. Rick's mother is there packing up her beautiful home, and we thought she deserved a visit for all her hard work. (Or maybe we thought we deserved the visit. Or both.)

We arrived Friday afternoon, Carson sporting a nice bruise under his nose from tripping and falling with his pacifier in place. (Another reason that the "pa" now must stay in the crib. Every morning, I say, "Carson, the pa stays in the crib, can you take it out?" And every morning he vigorously shakes his head "NO." I offer to help him, and then he willingly opens his mouth so I can take it out and leave it in the crib. Cute.)

We had an absolutely wonderful time visiting with Rick's mother, and his aunts and uncles who are also in Crossville. Carson, as usual, didn't give anyone except his mother the time of day. He was usually found in my arms, where there is really not much room these days. He sort of perches right on my belly, sometimes causing some contractions.

He also really showed off his muscles.

And if you really need another belly shot, here it is in all its glory. (Taken at 35.5 weeks. This kid is going to be HUGE.)


mackenzie said...

did you sew that patch on your jeans or did they come like that? i've been wanting to do that to mine!

JenSwen said...

Yay, a belly shot! You look SO cute. All belly and skinny everywhere else. Love the bangs too. I hope you're not feeling too uncomfortable - the end is near!

I think Carson's trying to make out with you in that third kissing picture.

sam and brittney said...

Love the belly shot!! I can't believe that in just one short month baby boy #2 will be here! YEA!

Rebecca said...

Love Tennessee! I have a few relatives that live near Crossville in a really small town near Jamestown (even smaller than Jamestown). Felicidades on the new baby! Carson is VERY cute!

mackenzie said...

1. i actually didn't like ikea all that much. i liked the dinnerware sets, and toys, and we got a kitchen rug for $3. but the furniture was way too modern looking for my taste.

2. the horses at my job are cortez, tanti, and princess. and no, magic is not there. he is dead.

3. methinks i will try the same thing. only maybe sew it on the inside, so you can just see the fabric through the hole. or maybe a fun shape to cover it.

Marge said...

I'm random I know but your hair looks really cute!