Saturday, July 18, 2009

Everett is adored...

not just by his mother and big brother, but by his cousins, too.

Cousin Adriel adores Everett. (Although she was quite offended when he pulled her hair this morning.)

Adriel loves Everett so much, she is even willing to share her princess panties with him!! Little Mermaid for him; Jasmine for her.
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Carson adores Everett.

Grandmama adores Everett.

I adore Everett for sleeping so well at night. (Naps are a different story, though. Someday I will shower regularly again.)

And I also adore Carson for being such a busy little boy this summer.

Pappy and tractors: two favorites.

Carson is busy helping all his animals have a nice view of the outside.

He's busy playing outside, and will now do the slides, baby pool, and even get on the big trampoline by himself. That is a huge accomplishment for this cautious little boy!

He's busy making friends with the twins. (Friends meaning he only tries to bite them once a day.)

He's busy impersonating George Washington. (ok, so this is partly a 4th of July post; can you tell?)

And both boys are busy keeping me company until their wonderful father returns home to us. (sigh.)
We adore you, Rick!


JenSwen said...

In the first picture it looks like Everett is strategically placed to hide Adriel's nakedness.

I love that Carson lined up all the animals AWAY from him so that they could see out the window. Selflessness at an early age!

You look cute. Did you get highlights? Let's talk soon.

Salem said...

I love the pictures of Everett!!! He got your eyes!!! Are Carson's blue, too??? I just can't believe how blue Everett's look in some of those pictures. That is so fun that those cousins are getting to know eachother so well this summer!!

Sarah said...

Page, you and Rick make some cute kids! :0) How fun to see all that you're up to while Rick's away.

Richard & Robyn said...

Page, Your hair looks super cute in the last picture!

Brian and Cathy Phillips said...

When you're that cute, you should be adored! Can I say how much I love those pictures of Carson placing his animals at the window?! Too cute!