Monday, July 6, 2009

pool day.

This was Carson's first time really playing in the pool.

He sure has changed a lot since we moved in with three other kids. (We call it social boot camp.)

It only took him a few minutes splashing on the side of the pool...

...and then he got right in!

Everett, on the other hand, only spent about 5 seconds in the water.

Then he wanted to do this:

Cousin Adriel and Carson shared a delicious yogurt snack.

It was a fun day at the pool, and we're especially proud of Carson for finally showing some independence these days!


Marge said...

Hooray a thumb sucker, I love it. It is a really hard/bad habit to break but it is just so darn cute.

Melissa said...

a thumb sucker?! How cute! Carson DOES look older!!!!!

JenSwen said...

The thumb sucking picture is SO cute! I can empathize with the independence thing. Kate's clinginess with me lasted until a few months after she turned two. Thank goodness she's mostly over it now that I have a baby to pay attention to; hopefully this change in Carson will make life easier for you!