Monday, July 27, 2009

final weekend in NoVA.

The boys and I are finishing up our 6 week stay here at the Dickson hotel. We made the most of our last weekend here.

Everett was entertained by all the lovely ladies: Grace (Reagan's niece), Dallyn, Adriel, and Brooklee.

The whole crew enjoyed some popsicles, compliments of Reagan.

We visited a real live farm at Frying Pan park. Pappy took the brunt of the baby carrying. Here's the group, minus me and the littlest baby.

Carson's thinking... "so... we eat those things??"

Here he's taking a close look at some chubby pigs.

The view. (Can you really sleep with someone else's leg in your face??)

Everett didn't really get all this animal stuff.

And then we went to the pool! Thanks to Pappy for being Rick's replacement during our weekend of fun.


Erika said...

Wow, what a crew! So that means Kitti must have been visiting? She's such a sweetie! I'm excited for you to see your hubby again!!

davidandsuzi said...

Hurray, we're so excited for you guys to come back!