Sunday, June 28, 2009

My army man.

One of my questions for Rick during a recent phone conversation was: Are you having TONS of fun, a little fun, no fun, or a miserable time. His answer was somewhere between a little fun and tons of fun:

A major part of the fun is that, through a stroke of luck (or divine intervention), Rick got to be roommates with his good friend John. They are longtime soccer buddies. I have a feeling they will be BFFs after these 6 weeks together.

Last night, the army boys went out on the town. They saw the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and had some delicious Mexican food.

So, he may be having fun, but let's be honest.
He only smiles this big when he's talking to yours truly.


Ben said...

I don't know if I have the best advice. I have a lot of hard days, but I try to only remember the good ones. It's not easy, and it doesn't get any easier as time goes by. Just hang in there, be proud of what you and Rick are doing. You're just as much part of the army as he is now. :) With my kids I just try to put pictures of them and their dad all over the house. I talk about Ben with them everyday. I tell them how much their dad misses them, and loves them. I also put a big picture of Ben up in their room so they can give him a kiss every night. We have a calendar that I made at of pictures with their dad and we put stickers on everyday that he's gone. There are some military websites on my blog, they have lots of ideas, and helps as well.
Good luck and hang in there. If you need anything you can email me then I give ya my cell number too so if you need to talk.
Hang in there. Love ya,

Melissa said...

LOVE the picture of him on the phone with you!!! That is sooooooo cute!

Breanne said...

So cool he's doing that...i know John Rawlings...we are from the same city! Small world! How are things going Page!

Barbaloot said...

Love those pictures of Rick and Johnny. So fun to see them together again:) Especially since Johnny is wearing the intramural shirt we won our LAST season all playing together:)

Melissa said...

I just pulled up your blog and the boys are here and I pointed to your header where Rick was and said, "Who's that?" and Bronson said, "Is HE going to come back?" (I think they've noticed the lack of visits lately!) Cute huh.

Adam Wilson said...

Awesome Pictures! Thanks for keeping up the Blog Page, I feel like you guys still live next door!