Monday, June 8, 2009

Everett's Blessing.

Have you ever seen anything sweeter???

sepia sleeping babe


Everett was actually blessed on Rick's birthday, May 17th. We were horrible parents and did not take a single picture the day of the blessing. These were taken in his blessing outfit last week!

Peanuts, anyone? (Don't worry; Carson kept them to himself.)
big bropeanut


Brian and Cathy Phillips said...

So cute! He looks like a perfect (and happy) little gentleman in his suit. Hope the blessing went well.

The Hills... said...

What an adorable little outfit!

Sarah said...

So sweet! I especially love that first picture :0)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I went to HS for like a year with Rick and saw him on facebook and added him to see how he was doing.... apparently very well! Medical school! Wow! You have an adorable family! And what the heck is your secret for being so happy!? I have 2 young children as well and can barely make it through the day sometimes! You seem to do it with grace and happiness, and get TONS of other stuff done as well. If you have any secrets please share! And congrats on your children, they are gorgeous!

Davis and Laura said...

What a snappy looking baby boy! :) We miss you guys already!

Melissa said...

That sepia picture IS IS IS the cutest thing ever. I hope you get that blown up HUGE to hang up in your house! It's sooooo precious.