Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finders Keepers.

Yesterday, my jogging buddies and I happened upon a wonderful little yard sale. We were just completing our 6.5 miler when we couldn't help but notice some people setting up some dangerously cute pieces of furniture in their driveway. We headed straight over, and found some keepers!

This hutch and table combo is my FAVORITE. It just needs a coat or two of paint. 25 smackers! I'm just not sure where to put it yet...

Carson got these little doggies for mere cents. He carried little Schnitzel around all day.

I got this old fashioned-looking Monopoly game, too. It has little wooden pieces for the houses and hotels. You can really play it! 5 bucks.

And finally, a pretty necklace and matching earrings. I'm usually not big on wearing accessories, but I always wish I was. 2 bucks sounded like good deal for this nice (brand new) set.

After all that yard sale shopping, I just had to go home and give my chubby little thing a bath. Mmmm, nothing like a clean, squishy baby.


Erika said...

That hutch is awesome!! What a good find for that price. Are you going to repaint it a different color or keep it black? Wow, I can't believe you run 6.5 miles!! I'm dying after my measly 3!

JenSwen said...

Erika stole my comment. I'm so impressed with the hutch and the running!

Richard & Robyn said...

Love the hutch. It'll be fun to see what you do with it. If you can't find a spot or get sick of it let me know. :) Enjoy!

Salem said...

Fun!!! Nothing like good finds from a yard sale!