Tuesday, June 23, 2009

for the father of my boys.

Every night since Rick's been gone, I write him an email summarizing the day. He recently requested more pictures of the boys.

You asked for it, so here's what went on just today at the Dickson household.

We all played in the basement. Carson LOVES the basement. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he asks to go to the "base." (said with his cute little lisp.) What kid wouldn't love a huge, unfinished basement where toys are all over the place??

Carson also discovered his pockets today. (See picture.) He kept saying "pah, pah," and I didn't realize until he tried to stuff some little toys in there that he was referring to his pant pocket. Later on, when he couldn't get the toys out, he simply removed his pants.

Carson took a little cup, pretended to fill it up with water from this faucet, and pretended to take a drink. Cute.
Everett watched all the goings-on with wide eyes. Lately I think he's alert enough to actually be entertained by all these little people.

Carson woke up from his nap, came downstairs and saw Reagan watching something on her laptop. You remember during the NBA finals, when Carson would wake up to see you watching the previous nights' highlights, and you would ask him if he wanted to watch "Kobe" with you? Well, Carson assumed that Reagan was also catching up on the latest Lakers game.

Everett hung out in his Bumbo for a bit. I felt badly for him that we left all our infant toys back at home, so I Craigslisted a Bumbo and a play mat for him.

And this is the play mat, in case you're interested.

Carson actually allowed me to be out of his presence for a few minutes, so I could make those yummy fajitas that we love so much. Here's my view from the kitchen window as I cook. He has been extra clingy since you left, but here's proof that he's can survive without me.

And a couple more videos of our cute boys. We love and miss you!


ashley said...

I love seeing the happenings at the house! Pantless twins jumping in sync on the trampoline is HILARIOUS. Also, I love that Rick taught him Kobe. How about Carson learns the name of a more upstanding player?

Salem said...

Cute videos!!! I can't wait to hang out with all these kiddos at the beach! And wasn't it just last summer that we were doing "summer fun camp" down in that basement??? How strange that the time goes by so fast!!! I love how Carson's age repeats every word they say about 10 times...as if you didn't hear the first 5. :) And I can't believe how much Everett looks like you!!! Such cute kids!!!

JenSwen said...

I couldn't get the video with Everett to work. :( I love Carson's attention to detail in the sandwich/prayer video - he's smart!

Emily Evans said...

What cute boys! We sure miss you. Hope you are having fun!